All you need to know about glass shower screens


About glass shower screen: 

You can consider a glass shower screen as a necessary tool to prevent water falling on the floor as well as an item to give your bathroom a stylish and beautiful look. One can consider adding a glass shower screen to their bath while renovating the old look of their bathroom. Most of the professionals while designing a bathroom add glass shower screen to give a clean look which is also functional and looks very attractive. Shower screens are considered a perfect alternative to the messy plastic curtains which always put in the hassle of cleaning pool of water creating on the bathroom floor. 

Glass shower screen – making your bathroom stylish:  

With other major benefits of glass shower screens as compared to the curtains or other ways of prevention of water falling on the bath floor, they are also easier to maintain. Glass shower screens does not require to be changed very often, instead if they are maintained properly, they can last for years.  

Glass shower screens are available in a variety of range making it a perfect suit for your bathroom. You can get size, design and style of your choice which you think is better for your bathroom. The design of the glass shower screen can be blended with the design of your bathroom to make it give a complimentary look.  

Types of glass shower screen: 

There are several types of glass shower screen available in the market but mainly they are of three types; fully framed shower screen, semi framed shower screen and frameless shower screen. Fully framed glass shower screen is advised to be installed in your bathroom as it will set on top of the bath tub. The fully framed glass shower screen is also fitted with two adjacent walls giving it a firm hold. Frameless glass shower screens are liked by people mostly because it gives a more delicate and lavish look to the bathroom. It is made of safety glass to make sure its durability. It only has frame on the side of the glass which is connected to the wall.  

Glass shower screens comes in clear glass as well as in tinted form. You can complement the tint of the shower screen with the tiles used in your bathroom. Other types of shower screens is frosted and clear. Clear glass shower screen is preferred and advised by the professionals as they are easier to clean and also gives an illusion of roominess in your bathroom due to their feature of transparency.  

Benefits of glass shower screen: 

While selecting the perfect glass shower screen, you will see various designs and styles available in the market like curved versions, folding screens, sliding screens or frame less shower screen. Another benefit of glass shower screen is that you can get them customized as per your requirement to give it a look that you desire for your bathroom. 

Some of the other benefits of glass shower screen are mentioned below. 

  1. Frameless glass shower screen is considered to be the best solution for the protection of bath floor from falling water while taking a bath. On the other hand, curtains may be left open allowing the water to fall on the floor and making a messy water pool for you to clean up. Other than the hassle of cleaning water, it is also not good for your floor because water may damage your flooring.  
  2. It does not seem like but the installation of glass shower screen is very simple and easy. 
  3. Unlike the shower curtains, the glass shower screen is easy to maintain and has a longer life time as compared to the plastic curtains.  
  4. They are a perfect item to add on while renovating your bathroom because it gives a complete new feel and look to the place making it look more spacious and roomy.  
  5. One of the most important factor of glass shower screen is their price. Glass shower screen is very cost effective and can be easily afforded with in the budget you decide for the renovation of your bathroom.  

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