Important things you need to know about piano tuning


About tuning of piano: 

Piano is a lifelong investment for the people who love to play music instruments. This investment can be kept fresh, new and in proper condition with proper dusting, care and polishing along with the professional piano tuning. It increases the life of your instrument making it possible to enjoy quality sound it makes.  

For professional tuning you need to contact specialists who provide professional tuning, repair and restoration of a piano. Some of the best tuning services that are highly recommended for your piano are Steinway piano tuner and Yamaha piano tuning. You can contact your piano tuner specialist to visit your place and check the condition of your instrument. After checking your instrument he will tell you if the tuning or repair can be done at your place or it will be required to take your piano to their workshop. Never think that one time tuning is enough for whole life of the instrument. If you do not go for regular tuning and repair of your piano, it minimizes the life of piano no matter how expensive who have bought it.  

How often do you need tuning of your piano? 

People often get confused with the schedule of the tuning for their piano. First of all, never contact any random tuner. Make sure the person you are contacting is a Steinway piano tuner in Sydney or he has expertise of Yamaha piano tuning. These are some of the pianos which are difficult to maintain and repair. If a person has expertise with them, he will be able to deal with other brands also.  

How often tuning is required for your piano mostly depends on the environment it is being used. In general twice yearly tuning of a piano is usually recommended by experts to give the piano a good long life producing the same quality sound it produces when it was purchased.  

If a piano is in such an environment which has higher level of humidity or there are frequent temperature fluctuations then your piano will require almost 4-5 times tuning per year. Other pianos that require frequent tuning are those which are used professionally like on a stage or a classroom.  

What makes piano go out of tune? 

There are multiple reasons that make your piano go out of tune. Steinway piano tuner who also has the expertise of Yamaha piano tuning are considered best tuners, and as per the experts the main reason behind this is the fluctuation of temperature and humidity. It is observed that most of the people think that frequency of the usage of piano makes it get often tuning but this is not the case.  

A piano is made up of strings, hammers and sound board. The humidity and temperature basically makes the sound board expand or contract which in result affects the pressure on strings compromising its balance. This makes notes to go sharp piano is played.  

Environment is not the only reason which results in need of piano tuning. With the passage of time the string gets stretched due to frequent usage. It causes the notes to go flat resulting in requirement of piano tuning. It is always recommended to get your piano tuning from an expert like Steinway piano tuner or Yamaha piano tuning specialist. 

How do you know your piano needs tuning? 

The best and recommended way to keep your piano perfect and increase its life is to stick to twice yearly tuning schedule. Rest you will come to know when the pitch and tone of your piano goes sharp or flat, this is the time you should call a piano specialist so that he may check timely it is just requires tuning or there is something that needs to be repaired.  

There is another trick to counter if your piano requires a check-up, if the sound changes from the smooth, sweet and clear sound to a buzzing or twanging sound when notes are played. This is another clear hint that there is something wrong with your piano and you need to call a piano tuner before the damage increases due to continuous usage.  

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