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We all know that kitchen is the place where we spend most of our favourite time making food for loved ones and kids. It has to be clean and handy all the time. We need an ample amount of space in the kitchen to make it look more pleasant and clean.  A small and messy kitchen look unpleasant and, no one wants to cooks or stand in the kitchen. 

It is not mandatory to have a huge space in the kitchen for work. A small kitchen can also be a happy place for a small family if the things and all the other essentials are set properly and nicely. 

Let us have a look at the things, which play a vital role in making the kitchen an ideal place for cooking 

  • Cleanliness 

We always have to consider the fact that a kitchen has to be clean and tidy all the time. We consume the food, which we make in the kitchen. If we do not keep the hygienic factor into consideration, we might fall into health issues that are not good for the long term. In addition, the germs and other bacteria’s get birth into the dirt and untidy kitchen. We must follow the regime of getting the bins empty, clean the stone benchtops in Penrith and throw away the leftover food to get rid of the germs and bacteria’s.  

  • Essentials 

We must have all the essentials things like pots, crockery, pans, spoons, spatulas, kitchen towels, spices racks etc. handy. If we keep all the stuff in the same place, it gets messy after a while. We are unable to find the basic things in the kitchen even if we have small spaces. It is also advisable to have an individual rack for all the essential things to keep things sorted and handy.  

  • Design 

The design has to be admirable. We have seen many kitchens in which the colour and the design of the kitchen do not go with the theme of the home. If we have a small space, we can have an option of an open kitchen. The open kitchen always looks good. Moreover, we have an impression of huge spaces if there are no walls. 

  • Dining Table 

We must have a dining table near the kitchen so that serving of food is easy. We find the setting of the table easy. When we finish the food, the cleaning seems difficult. If the kitchen is far away from the main dining area, it looks even more difficult to collect the dishes and, put them in the sink. No one agrees to work after the food is done. Therefore, it is advisable having a dining table close to the kitchen.  

  • Placement of Drawers 

We must do thorough research and conclude about the shelves and placement of drawers. If we keep most of our space in making the cabinets, then; we have less margin for drawers. We must have an ample amount of drawers to keep the small essentials. It takes less space and they are handier. 

  • Walk-in pantry 

A walk-in pantry is an ideal space for households. We must have the option and shelves available there to keep the extra groceries. We need to put the available items in the baskets and jars and put them on the pantry shelves. It looks tidy, nice and presentable. Moreover, we do not have to make a hunt to find the extra jar of spices. We can keep all the things organised in a small space.  

  • Refrigerator 

We have seen that people like to keep the refrigerator in the lounge, which is a wrong practice. During cooking, we need to take our spices and other ingredients from the refrigerator. We have to walk all through the lounge to get a single thing from the refrigerator. An ideal kitchen has a fridge in it.  

  • Microwave and Other Supplies 

We must have all the supplies like microwave, oven, blenders, choppers, food factory, juicer, etc. available on the benchtops.  

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