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The Flexi lift has been offering the services of fork lifters and their related things for a long period. We have been catering for the needs of Australian companies for much time. People come to us for so many reasons. Many companies provide the same services but people like to opt for our services. 

Let us have a look at the various things that urge people to choose us over other suppliers. 

  • Spare Parts 

We do not only deal in selling the forklifts but we also have all the spare parts of the forklifts. Many companies do not import or manufacture spare parts. They are more towards selling the basic forklift. Companies need variation in the forklift as this is not a cheap item. They believe that they would use it for multiple purposes only by attaching few more attachments. To make the forklift versatile, we sell all kinds of spare parts under the banner of Flexi lift.  

  • After Sales Services 

We do not believe in selling the forklift. We believe in providing after-sales services as well. Many companies claim that they are not responsible for anything once the ordered forklift leave the premises of the company. We do not agree with this statement. We want our customers to be satisfied with our service so that they come to us whenever they need more products. Customer loyalty is all we need eventually.  

  • Accessories 

We have all kinds of accessories available in our shop. You can find all kinds of brands and their accessories. Many companies do not provide all the accessories along with the man forklift. Moreover, they do not have spare parts if you need extra. They will show you a red signal. When it comes to accessories, our doors are always open for you.  

  • The solution to all the Issues 

We provide a solution to all the queries and issues. For example, you have bought a forklift from another supplier. They are not entertaining your issue, as they do not have spare parts and materials available. Nevertheless, we are here for you. We welcome you anytime whether you have made purchases from us or not.  

  • Training 

We provide formal training to the people who want it. We have licensed drivers and staff who supervise the new people. We know that we cannot operate a forklift if we do not have proper training and license. flexi lift helps you in getting the training and license.  

Reasons to Choose Flexi lift 

Many other reasons push people to choose the services to hire forklifts in Melbourne.  

  • Warranty 

We provide the warranty of our forklift, spare parts and accessories. We have a warranty for cars available of all brands. We do not hesitate to provide the warranty as we deal in quality products. We never do anything that does not meet our status quo. You can blindly make purchases from us when it comes to quality.  

  • Brochures 

We have brochures for the customers. It makes the process easy for the customers to choose the best product as per the needs and demands. Everything including the features written on the brochures.  

  • Experienced Staff 

We have experienced staff who knows how to deal with the customers. No matter if, you buy from us or not, we respect our customers and, customers are always right. Our staff members listen to the needs, demands, and guide the machines accordingly.  

  • Reliable 

We provide reliable services. We do not believe in selling the product, which has low raw material. We respect the value of the life of all human beings. One wrong step can take someone life.  

  • Timely Services 

We believe in commitment and punctuality of time. We know that one late delivery can cause multiple impacts on the company. We respect the value of time and try to provide the service at the committed time.  

  • Undertaking Site Surveys 

We have undertaking site surveys to ensure that the customers get the products on time. No accident or damage took place while delivering. When we deliver the product, our salesperson needs a signature of the survey form that everything is all right at the time of receiving.  

What are you waiting for? Contact us now for used forklift or a new one. 

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