Tips and tricks to transform your house entirely


The trend of living in huge houses is almost vanished as now people have become more practical and prefer quality living instead of extravagance and wasting money on unnecessary stuff whether it be a big house with extra space which is entirely not needed or other material objects without which you can easily live and save money as well. Now living simply and in a small space doesn’t have to be boring and dull. You can give a nice makeover to almost any space and beautify your house completely. So what are those tips and tricks, lets see. 

A hint of gold 

No matter how much or little space you have, you can always utilize it in the best way possible. Colour scheme can change the whole game in transforming the look of your house. Play in off whites and gold to give more spacious and airy appearance especially to your bathroom. If you are unsure then you can always see sample bathrooms in different colour schemes on internet and get an idea 

Bathroom accessories  

Getting fancy doesn’t have to be expensive always. Stylish towel rails in Australia with classy bath rugs and cute vanity will change the whole game for your bathroom. You can also put beautiful shower curtains with modern anti-skid tiles and shower screens. All these things doesn’t require a huge bathroom but can do wonders in changing the whole feel and look. 

Bring in some crystal 

Crystal never gets old fashioned and is highly in demand in any possible form whether crockery, décor items, accessories etc. Crystal door knobs in Australia not just look stylish and classy but are extremely affordable as well. Remove the old door knobs and replace them with crystal and look for your self-crystal decoration pieces will boost the aesthetics of your home to another level. Crystal crockery is a personal preference for so many people across the world and is a symbol of class and pride among many for centuries till today.  

Add some plants 

Add some indoor plants in your corridor, your lounge area, and some small plants in your bathroom. Lush green plants placed in your garden or lounge will uplift the mood instantly by adding a cool breeze of freshness, colour, and aesthetics, eventually will make any place lively without having to do much effort. 


Rugs will complete the look of any interior with matching furniture and curtains, it will give the place that extra kick that you have always wanted in your house. There are numerous kinds of rugs like lounge rugs, carpets, and room rugs with so many varieties, colours, and designs to choose from. Buy some cute rugs for your home that complements the overall aesthetics of your décor and you will love it. 

Replace curtains with blinds 

No doubt curtains enhance the look of your interior and are admired all across the globe from centuries but to give that classy punch to your house try replacing all the curtains with blinds and see for yourself how it will change the entire appearance of your house in a blink of an eye. 

Sliding doors 

In order to reach one step further try putting sliding doors wherever possible. It will not only beautify the house but will save space as well. If you have decided to leave everyone in awe of your house than few simple tricks will do the job and this doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Sliding doors are not much expensive but look very classy anywhere. 

Add shelves and pictures 

Again towels are one of the first things to be noticed in small spaced bathrooms so they have to be fancy and classy. Invest in some colourful and stylish towels to add on to the beauty of your bathroom because the first thing anyone would notice in your bathroom is your towel and the place of your towel. 

Introduce wall shelves in your lounge to not only add to the look but will tidy up your home a bit as well. Put some motivational books and decoration items on those shelves. Frame some extremely loved memories of yourself and your family on colourful walls of your lounge and room and invest in some pretty wallpapers. You have no idea these small efforts will do wonders for your interior and people will be impressed by your interior designing skills. 

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