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Formula 1 racing is a car racing with somehow different and unique rules and regulations than other ordinary road car racing. The name of Formula 1 racing has no story behind it, it is simply a Trademark name. Basically, a simple idea behind its name is that the cars participating in the race are built according to a special and different formula making it different from other road racings. F1 racing simulator cockpit is also unique. The rules and regulations are also very different from other car racing. The cars are made up on a unique format having single seat in it and open wheels. The first event of formula 1 raise was held on 13th may, 1950. This is an international auto racing and is governed by FIA the international automobiles federation.  

Formula 1 designing of cars 

Formula 1 race cars are open wield open cockpit and single seated. There are two wings; front and rear and an engine which is placed beside the driver. The race is held on especially made road tracks called ‘circuits’ but sometimes it could be held on public roads.  

The engine and chassis are the two main parts of this type of cars: 

  • According to the rules, 1.6-liter turbocharged engines must be used in the f1 car racings.  
  • Carbon fiber and other lightweight components are  
  •  used in the manufacture of f1 racing car. Including the driver and tires and excluding the fuel, the weight of the car must not be less than 702 kg. It must be 180 cm wide and 95 cm in height. The length is not specified but almost all the cars are of same length.  
  • There are eight forward and one reverse gear in the f1 race cars, which are carbon titanium gears boxes. 
  • The steering wheel of the cars are designed for multi tasking, like for changing the brakes, for changing brake pressure, for changing gear, fuel adjustment and radio calling etc. 
  • The fuel used in the f1 racing cars does not contains alcohol, but it is a pure mixture of original petrol and gasoline compounds. 
  • The brakes used in the f1 racing cars are disc brakes which have a rotor and a clipper at each end of the tires. 
  • Every f1 racing car can accelerate from 0 to 100 and decelerate from 100 to 0 only in 5 seconds. The highest speed of an f1 racing car is 300 kmh and 185 mph is average. However, some cars can get maximum speed of about 499 kmh on average. Aerodynamics configuration and gears can slightly change these values otherwise all the f1 racing cars have almost same values of speed. 
  • In every sport whether it’s motor sport or a physical sport, safety is priority. In f1 race, in the beginning there were lots of accidents in which the cars got crashed on its maximum speed. Now the drivers are able to develop the cars having safe structure and gears. Now the rate of the accidents caused you to high speed is lesser then the past, here we will discuss some safety components of the cars: 
  • Using helmet is mandatory for the drivers in F-1 race and the helmet is made in such a way that it is not much heavy for the driver so that at high speed it could not cause any awkward and heavy situation. The weight of a helmet is about 1 kilogram so that prove to be lighter and then ordinary helmets. 
  • F1 racing simulator pedals are also very safe for use. 
  • HANS-Head and Neck Suit is designed to protect the head and neck to collapse with the steering wheel if any accident occurs. This is made using carbon fibers and attached with the seeds with the help of cockpits so that keeping the driver safe and secure. They are elastic straps. The clothes of the F1 driver are made with different fibers of different elements so that keeping the driver away from the risk of getting burned in case of any car crash. This type of clothes can be washed and dry cleaned before the test order this. There are two shoulders in a suit to keep the driver stuck to seat to protect him in any injury or accident.  

F1 racing simulator cockpit 

  • F1 racing simulator cockpit is hand built. 
  • F1 racing simulator cockpit provides feedback steering along with gear. 
  • F1 racing simulator pedals are also especially made for racing. 

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