The Use of Cloth for Garments


The use of cloth for various applications is an important aspect of modern life and civilised human behaviour. Cloth has been used to manufacture different garments on an industrial scale for centuries ever since the invention of the spinning wheel which has revolutionised the production of cloth from thread. Different qualities of cloth are available for different purposes and some righties of cloth are more suited for certain applications as well as climate when compared to other counterparts. Baby fabrics other specially created from material which is soft to the touch which allows for a more comfortable government than a garment that has been created using cloth that is not breathable and is not soft to the touch. 

At Kaleido Fabric, we understand the requirement of different kinds of cloth to be available for different applications which is why we provide high quality fabrics available to all our clients with which they can benefit from the right kind of cloth for their specific application. It is common sense that for summer outfits a heavy and unbreathable fabric will not be used which is where lighter fabrics which are cooler and softer to the touch coming to play. Children’s fabrics especially use lighter material which is breathable and extremely comfortable as children can be extremely picky about the kind of outfits that they were going to the choice of the cloth that is used in a particular outfit. This is not the cause of the child being spoiled by their parents, but it is simply because of human physiology children tend to have much more sensitive skin down their adult counterparts which leads to irritation if the cloth that is used in children’s garments is not up to standard. At Kaleido fabric, we are aware of the importance of providing the right kind of cloth for children’s garments and childrens fabric in Australia which is why you can rely on us to get the perfect variety of children’s fabric for garments related to garments of children as well as others supporting cloth that is often used with children. 

The proper dying techniques are also extremely important when it comes to dying the cloth the perfect colour for specific applications. Some coloured eyes cannot be used with similarities of thread as they can be damaging to the fibres of the cloth and can result in a poor-quality cloth which is not up to the standard that is expected by individuals buying it. Special thought and attention need to be given to select the right kind of dye that is necessary for a specific type of cloth which is where our extensive selection of dyed fabrics come into play. We have a wide range of dyed children’s fabric available which gives our clients the luxury of choice when selecting the perfect cloth for their child. All these cloths are dyed to perfection, using dyes which have been sustainably sourced or using methods which are not damaging to the environment. This not only allows us to provide our clients with a quality product, but also ensures that we are playing our part in addressing the climate emergency which has seen extensive amounts of damage to the earth as well as the earth’s climate in the last few years.  

Continuing the theme of sustainability, all our products including our children’s fabric sourced from sustainable suppliers which have a strong emphasis on preserving the natural environment. This allows our clients to have the peace of mind that the product that they are buying is not hazardous towards the environment and does not contribute to the worsening environmental effects that have occurred in the past few years because of negligent practises when it comes to sustainability.  

Type and Colours of Different Fabric 

All in all, if you need high quality children’s fabrics, or are looking for baby fabrics which are to be used to create garments for children or newborns, then Kaleido fabric should be your first choice. With an extensive range of different materials available when it comes to children’s fabrics and baby fabrics, we provide our clients with the luxury of choice while selecting the perfect fabric for their child. With a range of different colours available, all of which have been dyed in sustainable process is, you can rest assured that you can get the perfect colour and type of fabric for any application.  

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