Things to consider before buying promotional umbrellas


If you are thinking about conducting your brand or product’s marketing through promotional umbrellas that is actually not a bad idea in fact it is a great option to advertise your business because it is a mobile advertising that you can do at any place you want with easy visibility to reach people all across the area and long term corporate interactions. Just keep in mind the following things when going to buy promotional umbrellas in Adelaide.


Always keep the budget on top priority as some companies will try to fool you very easily with extremely high prices and fake promises that you don’t have to go through without a proper research about different prices on many websites and then comparing it with your budget, always go for multiple choices under your budget before finalizing the one. 


Never ever compromise on the quality of the product you are buying online, always read reviews first before ordering market umbrellas as there is a high possibility that the cheap product the website is offering has a very low quality. Always do your research and then make a firm decision because a good quality product will go a long way and on the other hand if you go for price but compromise on the quality then it may be possible that you will through your money down the drain later on. 

Shelf Life 

If you have decided to buy a promotional umbrella already and have it on your mind for so long then better do some homework first and read about the reviews on internet before spending your money blindly, get some information about in what ways these market umbrellas can serve you in advertising your business in the long run and what is their market value. 

Eco-Friendly Varieties 

Did you know that anything can have an eco-friendly option, even the umbrellas too? Yes you heard it right, now you can purchase eco-friendly promotional umbrellas for expansion of your business. if you really want to give some love to the nature and do some good for the environment to reduce pollution then go for eco-friendly options you will be amazed to see the outcome. 

Colours & Imprint Choices 

If you really want to leave a deep impression on the viewer you should be aware how to play with the colours. To be precise you should always check for the multiple colour options for the canopy to attract the user even if he or she is not paying attention. After deciding the website to order the canopy check for their range of colour options available and then decide what to buy and what not. Not just the canopy but you also should have a knowledge about what colour the imprint should have on the umbrella to look attractive and unique for the other person. 

Promotional gifts 

Always have a check on return policies and guarantees. It happens a lot that a company often have a policy of promotional gifts and lucky draws to win a certain product. This is also another form of marketing as compared to their own competitors and many sales persons do that quiet often. Who doesn’t like to receive gifts? Gift your loved one these promotional umbrellas for their business and show them your love by promoting their brand or product for them. 

There are many varieties of promotional umbrellas that you can use to promote your brand, product, or business. Some of them are mini umbrellas, the storm proof, event umbrellas, the city walker, and the wood crooked. There are two types of promotional umbrellas and you will often find these umbrellas on the beach. One is screen printing and the other one is digital printing. The former is a printing technique in which the ink is shifted to the substrate by using a net. You also have to be careful of the surface of your umbrella as it cannot be printed on plastic, metal, and many more. Whereas in the digital printing method the ink is transferred to the substrate using heat. The printing press is heated to a certain temperature before being transferred on the surface of umbrella by pressing against it. 

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