Process of wisdom tooth removal


Dental care and hygiene are two of the most important aspect of life, and any procedure whether it is teeth whitening or wisdom tooth removal it should always be done by a professional dentist or a specialist surgeon for safe and reliable procedure. A person’s smile should never be compromised due to poor hygiene and discolouration of teeth. Many people often get the tools in their hand for wisdom tooth extraction by themselves and end up having a severe infection or swollen gums for days and weeks. Let’s discuss the step by step process of wisdom teeth removal


If your tooth is bothering you for a long time then it is probably wisdom tooth and there is something wrong with it. Visit your dentist before it gets out of control, it he/she recommends extraction of your tooth then the first step to be performed by your dental expert would be an oral x-ray to figure out the exact problem going on with the tooth and whether it is straight or tilted, then the next step would be conducted. 


A local anaesthesia would be given in form of an injection in your mouth to numb the problematic area of your mouth and its surroundings. A sedative may be given in the form of injection to the person if he or she is anxious about the procedure. The surgery would be performed within few minutes up to an hour depending on the complication of the process but still the patient can go home easily the same day of the procedure


A small incision is made in the gum if the tooth is not accessible directly and then the dentist will remove the thin layer covering the gum to reach it for wisdom tooth removal. If the tooth is trapped deep inside the gum then it may be ground to pieces before extraction. Your dentist will widen your mouth with an apparatus to reach your wisdom tooth and move the tooth back and forth to pull it out by opening the gum socket. Due to numbness you shouldn’t feel any pain in the area however if you still feel the pain you can always ask for more anaesthesia by your dental surgeon. 

Post-surgery care 

Dissolving stitches will be used to seal the incision of the gum and they will be dissolved within a week or up to 10 days depending on the severity and amount of stitches. A gauze will be placed between your gums from where the tooth has been removed for at least an hour. A blood clot will be formed in that tooth socket which starts the healing process of that area soon. In some cases antibiotics may also be prescribed if you have an infection. 


For the first 24 hours after the surgery you will be required to avoid some of the things as precautionary measure for example don’t rinse your mouth with liquid, do not smoke or drink alcohol, coffee, tea or other hot or cold beverages, and avoid any strenuous physical activity that can lead to bleeding of gums. 

No matter you are waiting in line for wisdom tooth removal, professional teeth whitening in Townsville, or just regular scaling procedure it is extremely crucial that an experienced orthodontics operates the task. 

A great smile is the key to lead a confident life. If your self-esteem is compromised due to lack of self-confidence, one of the reasons could be discoloured or stained teeth. Your teeth is a significant part of your personality and neglecting your oral health can make you suffer in the long run. Make sure you visit your dentist regularly and don’t let your smile be compromised due to any dental issue because nothing is more attractive than a cheerful smile that depicts genuine happiness of a person and gives a boost in your confidence no matter what you are going to do next in your life, use your smile as your best friend and forget about all the worries going on in your life. 

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