Tips for maintaining garage roller door


When we talk about the garage doors, the toughest and most durable doors considered are the garage roller doors. These garage rollers if maintained properly can last for years. There are many people who are now working in the field of roller shutter repairs based in Melbourne, so you can have a professional person to keep checking for the proper working of your garage roller doors. These garage roller doors are very much durable that they can last years after continuous usage even without yearly repairs. But it is recommended that to increase the life of anything you must keep it repaired and maintained on regular basis.  

Some people often ask that how can they take care of the garage roller doors in Melbourne by themself. So here is the solution, if you want to do this task, you can do it professional by following the mentioned simple steps below. 

Door cleaning: 

To make sure that your garage roller doors keep working in a good condition for a longer time period you need to make it habit of cleaning the exterior and interior of class doors at least twice a year. You can start cleaning your doors by wiping them with a good detergent, be incredibly careful while choosing the cleaning agent as per the sensitivity of the material used in your garage roller door. After having a good wiping of detergent, rinse it with water and make sure that all the detergent is cleaned properly. After completing the whole process dry your doors with a soft lint free cloth to make sure that all the moisture is dried completely so that it may not damage the metal of the garage roller door. 

Lubricate all moving parts: 

Lubricating the garage roller doors is very necessary to keep its movement smooth and silent. If you will not keep your garage roller doors properly lubricated with high quality aerosol lubricant or the light oil it will affect the roller door badly. First it will not move smoothly, secondly it will make sharp irritating noises that is created definitely due to the scratch’s math due to friction. When you are lubricating your garage roller doors make sure that to lubricate all its parts including pulley bearing, steel rollers, cables, and the hinges. If you feel that your door is making too much noise then you must check for the bent or loose parts including rollers, hinges, and tracks. If you see that any of the mentioned parts is loosen or bent then you must fix it immediately, otherwise it will affect the working badly plus the durability will also be compromised just for the laziness you will show. You can either replace the defected item or get it repaired.  

Replacing rollers or hinges: 

When you are replacing rollers or hinges from your garage roller door, you need to follow these easy steps. First of all, disconnect the power connection from the door. Lock your door in a down position and never forget that you must remove the rollers or the hinges when your door is in the down position. Another thing you need to remember is that if you are changing the brackets of your garage roller doors, you must do this when the door is in down position, it will exert a lot of tension.  

Replacing vertical tracks: 

To replace the vertical tracks, you need to follow the same step of disconnecting the power from your door. This time you need to lock the down in up position and start replacing your track from one side. Replace the old track by unscrewing it and fixing the new one. Next move on to the other side and repeat the same process. After fixing both the sides, check for the spacing between them.  

Extension Spring maintenance: 

Extension springs can only be replaced when the door is fully opened. The reason behind this is the extreme tension under which all the hardware is present that is attached to extension springs. These need to be replaced by a professional who has a lot of experience in this field, a regular person cannot do this task properly.   

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