The causes of blocked drains and their solutions


Do you know that why Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa were considered as the two of the most civilized places in the history of the world? It was due to the fact that they have installed the proper drainage systems at those times when people didn’t even had the sense to dress properly. There are proofs of those drainage systems as yet in the remains of those cities in Pakistan. The situation on which we are trying to lay stress upon is that the installation of proper drainage system is so important that it can make a place a civilized or uncivilized one. Now we are living in the times; where there are pipeline installed underground running throughout the cities. These pipe lines are separated from one another in an extraordinary way. One set of the pipelines deliver clean water throughout the country and another set is a passage way for the removal of waste materials through it. A slight mixing of these pipelines can mess up things in a huge way. In this article, we will be discussing about the causes of blocked drains in Gold Coast and their solutions. 

Pipeline drainage system: 

As the name suggest; pipeline drainage system is the kind f system in which hundreds and thousands of pipes are connected with each other below the upper most layer of the ground. The pipelines are made in such a way that they create a kind of a passage way but in such a manner that the liquid from one set of pipelines cannot get mixed with the liquid of another set of pipelines. One set of pipelines deliver the clean water throughout the country and other set of pipeline collects the wastage from all over the country. It is quite obvious that both of these sets must not mix with one another; otherwise some serious problems are going to arise from them. 

In addition to that; the blockage of these pipe lines drains is also a quite problematic issue and must be solved as soon as possible because it can make your house flood with dirty water if not treated at a time. 

The causes of blocked drains and their solutions: 

There are many such times when our house’s drainage system gets blocked either due to the accumulation of unpassable materials on the drainage system or due to the gathering of greasy substances on the pipeline system. If the blockage is due to grease or oily substances then you can get rid of it by putting it in hot water or carrying out some other such hacks but if the problem seems like a serious one then you must contact drainage plumbers to fix your blocked drains. 

CCTV pipe camera actions: 

There are some such times when the pipelines installed under the ground gets broken or damaged from certain part which either causes leakage or blockage because of the entrance of various substances in the particular pipe due to the breakage. In such cases; there are two ways to get them fixed. One is to replace the pipeline and second is to reline the existing pipeline with another pipeline. The method to replace the pipeline is rarely used because it takes lot of effort, time and money as the whole procedure has to be done right from the beginning. 

On the other hand; the process of relining of the existing pipeline is preferred among people. This process is carried out by using the CCTV pipe camera inspections in Gold Coast. In this system, these cameras help in detecting the broken pipe without having to go underground and after that another set of pipe is installed within the broken one in such a way that it becomes  a part of the passage way. 


The whole system of pipeline drainage system has contributed a lot in making our society civilized and developed. These pipelines let the waste water flow through the separate pipelines unless they are thrown into their destination. However; there are times when we have witnessed blocked drains in our houses or in or work places. In such cases drainage plumbers must be called upon. “Nuflow gold coast” provides the best services of cleaning and fixing the blocked drains. 

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