The importance of preventive measures during COVID


For the current generation, we have not really seen a time worse than this in our entire lives. Perhaps the last time when the entire world faced a collective issue was during the world wars. The pandemic which has struck us all of a sudden has disrupted the flow of life for millions if not billions of people around the world. We are all collectively facing this strange virus, which no one has ever hear of before. The pandemic has infected millions and killed hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. It is imperative that we all take collective action towards this pandemic and ensure that we do not add to the promotion or maintenance of the disease.  

We have all heard about the standard operating procedures (SOP’s) which have to be implemented when dealing with the deadly virus. First and foremost, one should try and get their immunity up and maintain adequate levels of nutrition to ensure that the virus doesn’t target them. Another thing is ensuring that your hands are clean at all times. Nothing works better than soap, not even sanitizer. Alcohol based sanitizer should only be used when there is no access to soap and water. 

Already know all this, we have been exposed to a wealth of information relating to the virus for the past 8 months. Hence the reason, we are going to be talking about a company which can give you the necessary equipment in order to aid in the battle against Corona. Memories of Australia is traditionally a company which has worked with Australian, indigenous artist. Now they have partnered with a health company by the name of Ozsafe, which is aiding in efforts to sell and promote equipment which protects you from Corona. You buy protective masks as well as other important items which help protect you from the virus. 

The importance of masks 

Not only are the masks important for your health, but they also prevent others from getting the disease if you have it. If we all wore masks, chance are the virus wouldn’t have lasted as long as it currently has. If you haven’t already, you should buy protective masks as it could aid both you and your family in the near future. If we all just work masks, chances are the rates of infection would drop drastically and we would not have to spend more time in quarantine. If you have not bought any yet, please buy protective masks as it is now beyond our individual preferences and a matter of global security.  

Isolating the infected 

One of the most common symptoms reported from Corona is a fever. We all know that in order to gauge if one has a fever, they need to use a thermometer. However, ever since the pandemic began, thermometers seem to have gone short. The company in question will sell you the digital thermometer which you need so that you can gauge your temperature and for those around you. Frequent temperature checks may seem unnecessary but trust us, they are important for your health. If you have a digital thermometer and someone starts showing symptoms in your house, your first response should be to check their temperature and the report to a doctor. The fever is usually a dead giveaway that you have the virus, therefore, keep checking and make sure that you and those around you don’t develop a fever with the help of a digital thermometer.  


We suggest that you start following the general SOP’s which revolve around the pandemic. All print media and the majority of local and international news channels are encouraging us to take preventive measures. Understandably, you may not want to engage with a company which you have never heard of. Therefore, we encourage you to check out their website and see what they are all about. Visiting a website often gives customers some reassurance about the company which they are dealing with. It also gives you the chance to contact the company either through message or phone call, thus creating a channel of communication which you can use. This is great if you have any questions related to the products or the company in general. 

Till next time, thank you for reading our article. Take care! 

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