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The Interior is the basic representation of anyone’s aesthetic taste. When it comes to the furniture, either indoor or outdoor, your chosen styles depict your taste. The furniture must complement the surroundings and comes into harmony with your taste. This will tell you about your aesthetic approach towards creating the best environment. The public places must be comfortable and relaxing to take your worries away. Other than scenery and location your setting does matter as well. 

If you are looking for reliable sources about durable furniture for commercial and outdoor purposes, then Bottom+ Gardiner is the public space furniture store. We use globally sourced items for in-house manufacturing. Our team crafts unique and durable experiences that perfectly tailor your taste. We are an Australian owned business, operated for 25 years. We have the know-how of manufacturing, designing, and crafting commercial hospitality furniture for outdoor spaces.  

Our platform is offering services that are distinguished by its available in-house design and environmentally favorable ranges of furniture. We build the furniture lines that are favorable to the harsh weather of Australia. Thus, it is assured to design commercial hospitality furniture. These articles will be economical and durable enough to withstand the harsh environment of Australia. Other than our team gives the finest finish to the articles. We team up and use the globally available projects that will suit the needs of clients. All the commercial furniture for your outdoor spaces will be manufactured and delivered by us. 

The Furniture Assortment 

We offer a wider assortment of commercial furniture ranges includes planters, banquette seating, tree guards, liter bins, bin housing, bollards, picnic setup for outdoor and indoor situations. These shopping lines will be available in local lines, council parklands, shopping centers, meeting spaces, five-star hotels, government authorities, major retail to commercial ranges of industry. Check out our portfolio with a range of installation projects in NSW, Australia, Lend Lease, Mirvac, and the supplier of many other known places.  

Fortified Experience 

We understand the merit of excellence, designs, unrivaled quality. Either you will pick from the existing ranges or want to add more into our existing ranges for an enhanced experience, we are here to offer our assistance. Come to us and contact the team. When you come to us the price tension is resolved. We do offer competitive prices.  

Mission and Vision 

Intending to serve the community with passion and excellence, we offer a range of commercial Furniture for outdoor settings. We get you covered for all the ranges and services. Furniture quality is durable and long-lasting. Furniture is a long-term investment. Once you invested in the right place, this will be benefitting you in a long run. Thus, do not think twice and elect us today. 

The public places are living spaces. The premium quality of such places gives vibrancy to society and talks about its aesthetic taste. We try to build such hubs that represent best and give you a joyous feel. We strive to offer an experience that will give you an everlasting impression. We try to add passion and vibrance into our client’s life with an enhanced experience of quality commercial hospitality furniture. These best solutions will uplift your spirit. 

 We choose to offer you the best commercial furniture for indoor and outdoor settings. The Marvell and excellence are added into it. Thus, you need not worry. We not only focus on our product variety but the ranges as well. We believe in excellence and excellence is ensured by all of our products. Thus, our products will cover it. 

Product Archive 

There are ranges of furniture where it includes a series of new arrivals, tables, seating, street+ urban, bins, and other accessories. These are the advanced styles and designs to compliment better. The best setting will yield you the best feel. You can get perks of it. Subscribe the newsletter and get updated about all the ranges. We do offer the products that are uniquely tailored for perfecting your experience.   

You will not regret it while choosing us. 

We own a team that strives to offer you the best designs. Thus, bra headache-free and enjoy the perks of hassle-free services. We keep in mind the professional outlook of our outdoor commercial furniture. It is assumed that the quality, texture, color, and material may compliment the harsh weather of Australia. The weather is cold and thus it affects the overall condition of our furniture. Be wise while selecting the best for you. 

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