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China is easily one of the biggest economies in the world, rivalled only by the United States perhaps. The Chinese customer is one that is exposed to all sorts of new and innovative brands on a daily basis, alongside being surrounded by brands that have established their dominance in the market ages ago. With this in mind, it may seem as if the Chinese market isn’t really the right choice to market our new venture in. however, this assumption may be entirely incorrect. The Chinese customer may be exposed to all sorts of brands but they are also extremely open towards trying new ones, given that they have something interesting to offer. In addition to this, if you manage to adapt yourself to the Chinese client you can be sure that you will build a customer base that is entirely loyal to your product. However, it can be incredibly hard for foreign brands to market themselves in China. The marketing landscape of China is extremely different from the western world. There is a huge importance placed on word of mouth, and blatant advertising is disliked – maybe even mistrusted – by the clientele.  

The huge marketplace of china  

With this in mind, it’s clear that advertising in China can open up exciting new horizons for us. However, it can be hard for foreign brands to really make a mark in an already very saturated marketplace. What is now known as the Great Firewall blocks most websites and apps from outside of China from functioning in China. This can mean that most Chinese customers that you plan on targeting can’t even see your website. However, what is important to note is that the Chinese are easily one of the most tech-savvy customers out there, and have led to the creation of marketing strategies that are inclusive and tailored completely to the Chinese experience. The greatest example of this is WeChat. This is a social media giant that has up to 1.1 billion monthly users, and it includes everything, from sharing intimate moments to shopping, to filing for divorce. Breaking into WeChat can mean that this huge clientele of 1.1 billion users can get to know your brand. 

Marketing agencies to help you work with WeChat  

WeChat isn’t just a social app – it is an all encompassing lifestyle app and if you manage to post regularly and interact with customers, chances are you will form meaningful client relationships that can last a lifetime. However, it can be very hard for foreign companies to not just learn the intricacies of the Chinese market and of WeChat, but also to advertise well in a foreign language. Relying on machine based translators can lead to us making very stupid mistakes and can destroy our ad campaign entirely. Using a Chinese marketing agency based in Melbourne on the other hand, can help you advertise with intimate knowledge of the Chinese consumers. This marketing agency can help you accurately translate all your posts, so that nothing is ever lost in translation. In addition to this, they can help you understand all client queries as accurately as possible so that you can meaningfully interact. 

Provide structured, clear content  

If you have clients that want to get in touch with the huge Chinese audience, adapting to WeChat with a wechat marketing agency is the only option. You can create a large number of accounts, depending on the number of clients you have. Additionally, this social media marketing platform allows you to have complete control over what you post, and can let you provide clear, well structured reports for your clients. With wechat being one of the most popular platforms in china, if you manage to curate content that is interesting and catchy enough, you can even land yourself partnerships with influencers, who can play a huge role in advertising. 

The opportunities that wechat offers are immense. However, it can take a marketing agency that has intimate knowledge of the Chinese consumers, coupled with good translation capabilities to make sure that we can provide an experience fully tailored to the Chinese market. If we manage to take into account this essential aspect of personalization, we can be set to make a splash in the extremely huge Chinese property buyers, with the help of WeTools.  

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