The diet your pets will thank you for!


Every pet owner will know that the furry little friends that we bring into our homes become much more than just ‘pets’ with time. The attachment that we feel for our pets is much the same as how we feel about our family members. These animals live with us, grow with us, and let us love them and give us tons of love in return. The place that our pets have in our hearts is completely unparalleled – of course, it helps that they’re super cute too. However, it isn’t easy keeping a pet and it can involve a lot of effort and a lot of time – not to mention money too. It can take a lot of training and effort to make sure that we can keep them with us as comfortable as possible. However, the biggest hurdle isn’t training, but rather keeping up with our pets’ health. To live a long, full life we need make sure that we take excellent care of our pets. This includes not just scheduled trips to the vet, but is heavily focused on diet. Based on what we feed our pets we can be contributing to either their good or bad health.  

Prevent your pets from suffering 

The phrase ‘you are what you eat’ doesn’t just apply to human beings the, but rather to our pets too. The kind of food that we give to them can have a huge impact on not just their quality of life, but the duration of their life as well. The sort of health problems that our pets can face due to poor quality food can be very damaging, but also equally preventable. At the end of the day, it can be the worst thing possible to know that your pets are suffering because of such an avoidable oversight on your part. To prevent any such situations from arising, it is best to make the shift to natural pet food which can supply our furry friends with the nutrients that they need, in the most natural form. This natural food can be free from any filler ingredients and chemicals that can harm our pets’ health.  

What to look for in cat food 

When buying any sort of cat food online it is important to consider the ingredients. Harmful foods can be chock full of filler ingredients that have zero nutritional value, and only make our cats feel full. Brands that use filler ingredients are also much more likely to be skipping out on using real meat in their food. Taurine is a protein compound that is absolutely essential for cats and without it they can suffer serious health issues. This compound is only found in real meat and therefore cat food devoid of Taurine can have serious health drawbacks. In addition to this, overly processed cat foods can lead to our cats having kidney issues over time that can prove to be fatal. With all natural meat, our feline friends will be eating exactly how nature intended them to eat! 

Keep your dogs happy with raw food 

 The same case can be applied to dogs. These animals have an even greater biological need for protein, which overly processed foods simply cannot meet. Dogs are predators that are naturally inclined to hunt and then feed, and therefore it is entirely unnatural and strange to be feeding our dogs little bone shaped biscuits. What they need to be eating instead is meat that can fulfill all of their dietary requirements. So, if you are looking to buy dog food online, instead of opting for the regular biscuits or the wet food, opt for a much cleaner, natural option. This can be anything from chicken, beef and kangaroo meat to sardines, marrow bones and bone broth.  

The effects of opting for a clean diet from Raw and Fresh will be clear even in the first week. Not only will your dogs and cats be much happier, but they will also be much better nourished. Cats and dogs may have adapted much in order to become fully domesticated but if one thing hasn’t changed, it is their diet. With a diet full of meat and bones, you can rest assured that your pets will live long and healthy lives.  

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