Here’s what you need to know when buying Air Track Mats


Gymnastics is a popular sports and there are thousands of people in the world who you would find extremely enthusiastic about it. You perform different exercises which require you to have a great balance, and coordination. In this sports if you are not careful, then it is easy to get injured. And in fact, many people who do not take proper measures have to face a lot of injuries every year. Considering the flexibility of movement this sports requires, one wrong move can cause serious problems and if you are lucky, you will just get away by just a mild sprain. However, this is not always the case. That is why, to make gymnastics safer and much more enjoyable the air track mat cheap were created. Many people still do not know about these mats, and nowadays you would see them being used in any reputable academy. These mats are available in different types, and you have to choose the ones which would fit your training style the best. Most people do not really possess significant knowledge about these mats when ordering them. That is why we will make sure that their use is clear to you. So, let’s see different types of air track mats, some of their advantages as well as the benefits of purchasing them from airTrakpro.  

Thick Mats 

In our childhood we often loved playing on the jumping castles. So, if you want to get an idea of how the thick mats really are then jumping castle are a great example. Just as the name suggests, these air track mats are thick, but there is no standard thickness which people normally use. You could decide the thickness according to the type of training you are doing. There are a few main reasons why thicker mats are preferred by people and those reasons are as follows. 

Higher Jumps: 

The main advantage of going for thicker mats is obviously going to be that you would be able to jump higher. Just like the jumping castle example we gave up above, if you are trying to train yourself in performing different gymnastics techniques which require you to go up higher in the air, then thick mats are the choice for you.  

Land Softly: 

Another reason why some people may prefer the use of thicker air tracks is because they are generally much safer. As we know that there are many people who get injured while performing gymnastics, which is why if you want to perform the exercises safely then thick mats are a better option. This is especially the case if you have recently been injured. To avoid relapsing to your injury, we would recommend the use of thicker mats. 

Thin Mats 

Now that we saw the advantages of thicker mats, where do the thinner mats stand out? Considering how the thicker mats help you avoid injuries, are not they the better option? Not necessarily. Thinner mats have their own perks, so let’s also see those. 

Rebound Faster: 

When you are jumping on a thick surface, your body would take some time to rebound. So if you want to do a high-intensity exercise, or one which generally requires faster body movement then thin mats are indeed better. They also provide your body some protection from falls, even if not as much but they certainly help you rebound much faster. 


Another apparent advantage of using thin air track mats is that they are far more stable than thick mats. Since their surface is more firm, you would compromise on the height of your jumps, but it would be much easier for you to stabilise your body once you land. These were the distinct advantages and disadvantages of the two popular types of air track mat. So, in reality, one type is not really better than the other. The choice of the mat depends primarily on the type of exercises you are engaging in. However, the company you are purchasing the mats from does matter. That is why, for the highest-quality air track tumbling mat we would recommend that you try out airTrakpro if you want gymnastics mat which would last for years to come without any repairs. 

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