Playing our part in cleaning up the Earth.


When the world was first introduced to plastics, there wasn’t a single person on earth who didn’t find this new invention extremely fascinating. There was nothing that plastic couldn’t do. It could be moulded into any shape that we wanted and could be, at times, stronger than even any metals. It could be used to make furniture, machinery parts, toys, jewellery, household and kitchen items and so many more things. As the years passed on, most of our everyday items previously made with other, more biodegradable products eventually came to be completely replaced by plastic. However, as even more years passed on it became clear that there was something that plastic couldn’t do – it couldn’t biodegrade. As time moved forward, tones and tones of plastic waste started showing up on our beaches, in landfills and in our cities, with nowhere to go. The sad reality is that there is really no safe way to biodegrade plastic. If left in landfills, it can stay intact for hundreds of years. Trying to chemically biodegrade the product also leads to the production of harmful gases, which can have a very strong adverse effect on our ozone layer. 

Lessening our carbon footprint  

However, it is nowhere near an easy task to cut back on the damage that has been done to our environment already, or the damage that continues to be done as plastics are still being widely used. Everything, from the pens we use to write, charging cables, bags, toothbrushes – you name it – are made of plastics, and there is only so much that we can cut back on. However, there are certain methods we can adopt to lessen our individual carbon footprint on the world and help make it a cleaner and better place. One of these things can be to try to substitute as many plastic household products as we can for cleaner, biodegradable ones. One of these products can be our toothbrushes. Approximately 2 percent – which isn’t as little as it might sound – of all the waste that shows up in landfills or in oceans is made of toothbrushes. Opting to use cleaner alternatives can play a huge role in clearing up our earth. 

Benefits of bamboo toothbrushes   

When you buy bamboo toothbrush you can rest assured that you are responsibly playing your part in reducing your carbon footprint. Not only is the bamboo body and handle of these toothbrushes completely biodegradable, but as are the nylon bristles. These toothbrushes are also extremely sustainable, as bamboos are one of the fastest growing plants on earth. Being completely anti-microbial, these plants do not even need any pesticides or fertilizers to grow properly, and are thus fully organic. In this manner, you are also investing in a product that is fully organic and therefore does not contribute to any pollution of the soil or the water. In addition to being clean, however, these toothbrushes are totally chic and can look great and sophisticated in your bathroom. 

Importance of silicone baking mats  

Similarly, we can substitute many household items for healthier and safer alternatives so that each of us contributes to making the earth a cleaner place. Using a silicone baking mat can also help us make sure that we don’t contribute too much to the waste in the world as these baking mats can be used for a variety of purposes and can be extremely long lasting. With these mats you can make your favourite foods without having to use tones and tones of baking sheets or aluminium foil. Instead, one baking mat can last you for a very long time.  All silicone baking mats are FDA approved and are perfect for use in the kitchen.  

There is no doubt about the fact that unless and until each and every one of us does our part to help reduce the carbon footprint upon the world, we are headed to disaster. Even swapping out small items such as toothbrushes and baking sheets for more healthier and reusable alternatives can make a huge difference. At Reuzeit, you can find a wide range of bathroom, kitchen and other household products designed to eliminate single use plastics. All their products are sustainably sourced, and can help you make the earth a greener place.  

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