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Legal matters are always a serious business, and it is the last place you want to mess up or have an incompetent team at your back. With legal procedures and court cases, there are small intricate details that need to be taken care of because the smallest piece of information can make or break the case. 

Therefore, you must need strong support alongside you in terms of the legal firm backing you and the lawyer that is working your case. For a smooth and positive process, it is important to have someone competent in their knowledge and experience. Someone who just does not treat you like another customer but is genuinely helping your case. 

And you will find lawyers like that at Leeds Lawyers, only! 


Leeds Lawyers have spread throughout Australia, proudly offering their legal services to clients with dedication and commitment. Though they offer various legal services, their main forte is criminal and family law.  

Be it drink driving lawyers or family lawyers; Leeds Lawyers always maintains their promise of providing high-quality legal services because they are passionate about serving their community. Their lawyers like drink driving lawyers or lawyers specializing in drug driving in Sutherland Shire cases are all professional and competent. They have the right certifications in terms of educational backgrounds as well as adequate experience which allows them to handle any type of case severity.  


  1. Family Law 
    Within family law, Leeds Lawyers deal, primarily with divorce procedures and settlements and property and parenting issues and complications. This area of law can be the most tricky and sensitive since it involves kids and there is always an overload of emotion in these courts, but Leeds Lawyers are experienced in tackling any sort of situation. 
  2. Criminal Law 
    There is a whole lot of things that come under the jurisdiction of criminal law and the department of Leeds Lawyers is educationally equipped to handle all situations, even tough ones. Lawyers dealing with criminal law deal with cases related to sex offences, domestic violence, fraud and dishonesty cases, drug possession and supply offences and much more.  
  3. Traffic law 
    The most common offences are related to traffic law, and these include drug driving, license suspension appeals and drink driving lawyers.  
  • Drug driving – Leeds Lawyers has lawyers that work tirelessly on drug driving cases because getting caught in a drug driving case can have serious repercussions. The drug driving lawyers at Leeds Lawyers work in a way that brings the best possible outcome as per the severity of your drug driving case. Drug driving lawyers also educate people on drug driving laws such as the types of drugs that are prohibited and such to help offenders avoid future problems.  
  • Drink Driving – drink driving offences must be the most common offence people are charged with, especially during the holiday period. Leeds Lawyers have the best drink driving lawyers who will try their best to plead the court and not have the client charged with a conviction. Drink driving lawyers, in most cases, hope to persuade the court to impose a Conditional Release Order which means the client does not have to pay a fine or have a criminal record or disqualification of license.  

Leeds Lawyers’ drink driving lawyers and lawyers for drug driving always make sure to walk the clients through the whole process and situation and educate them on laws and regulations related to drug driving and such so they could avoid offences like these in the future.  


Here are the reasons you can trust Leeds Lawyers: 

  • They have a reputation of being on the winning side of the court with their results 
  • Clients are well-informed at every stage of the process for a drug driving case to a divorce settlement. 
  • Drink driving lawyer in Penrith or others, they make sure to genuinely help clients and personally invest themselves into the case to understand its severity. 
  • Prices are fixed for most criminal law matters 
  • Connections over the years with the police and other solicitors help with negotiations 

All in all, Leeds Lawyers provide the most comprehensive and premium legal services one can acquire, from drug driving cases to drink driving lawyers.  

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