Which Types of Massages is good for what purpose?


Massage is like a therapy in which the skin (soft tissues) or joints of the body of a person are kneaded or rubbed with the help of hands, to get rid of any physical issue like pain or cramps in the muscles. A massage therapist is a person who is specially trained for massaging the skin and joints of the body of a person with less or more pressure applying on the person. It is not necessary that every massage is for any ailment but it could be just for the relaxation of the whole body. 

Different types of massage 

Different types and methods of massage are called modalities. These modalities are based on the methods and purpose of the massage whether it’s therapeutic or it’s only for the sake of relaxation of the body. There is a large number of modalities, some of them are as follows: 

  • Aromatherapy massage 

This type of massage is derived from ancient times of the Greek method when essential oils have been used for body massage. Essential oils used in this type of Sutherland massage depend upon your choice or problem, for example, if you have body or muscle pain then a massage therapist will use cypress oil, and if you want to boost up your immune system then you must have a massage with tea tree oil. 

  • Craniosacral Therapy 

If someone does not have experience of the massage then he or she must start with this type of massage. In this type of massage, the therapist will give you massage with light pressure and keep checking the customer from time to time and keep asking about the pressure he is being applied on him. 

  • Swedish massage 

This type of massage is very traditional but still very famous. 

  • Sports massage 

Athletes work very actively and take very much pressure, especially on their body muscles. In order to solve these minute issues coach or everyone in the game know much about this kind of massage. It helps in getting rid of muscle cramps. 

  • Shiatsu 

This is like physical therapy which incorporates the emotional, physiological, or spiritual condition of the masseur. This is very famous specially in China and in the world. A shiatsu therapist is very qualified and certified in his/her fields. 

  • Reiki 

The origin of Reiki is about 1900 in Japan. In this type of massage, the therapist does not knead or give pressure on the body but simply puts his hands on the body to provide him with energy and warmth. It has a very refreshing effect on the masseur in Kingsgrove and many people reporting that the energy and heat provided to their bodies from the hands of the therapist, give them a lot of relaxation. 

  • Reflexology 

It got very famous in the United States in the 1930s. It usually focuses on the holistic health of the masseur. In this, the acupressure is applied on the feet and hands of the masseur. This technique accelerates the neural pathways and supports optimal functioning of the body. The therapist uses his fingers and thumbs on the masseur’s hands and feet on the points associated with organs. People mostly enjoy foot massage in this. 

  • Myofascial Massage 

It is not related of your face. It is related to fascia. Fascia is a tissue that holds the organs and bones altogether. The therapist gives massage to the fiscal points on the body and may use stretches in order to relieve pain. 

  • Hot stone massage 

In this massage, the hot stones are placed on the body of the masseur. The effect of these hot stones is deeper even if the pressure applied from outside is low. This heat helps in the lowering of the tension of the muscles and joints of the massage. These stones are used in specific sessions not regularly. 

  • Deep tissue massage 

Deep tissue massage is basically for relieving severe muscle tension. If you have chronic muscle pain then this is the best choice for you.  But if you have inflamed joints, then you must not take this massage at all. It should not be confused with deep pressure massage, as it includes the massage on the layers of muscles, not on the whole body. 

Benefits of massage 

  • Having regular massage helps reduce muscle tension. 
  • Massage can regulate the circulation of blood in the body. 
  • The lymphatic system gets energized. 
  • Secretion of stress hormone can be reduced with regular sessions of massage
  • The body of the masses gets loosened up. 
  • It also increases the mobility and flexibility of the joints. 
  • Skin tone can also be improved while using specific oils for massage I.e., coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc. 
  • If someone has an injury in his soft tissues then it may get improve its healing process. 

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