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My ever-changing craft of songwriting and the spiritual element.

04/04/2014  |  Category: Art Music News Poetry

Most of my music is a nostalgic look back at my life, past relationships and old desires left by the wayside. They are journal entries frozen in time. You are not the same person you were 5 years ago, 2 months ago and even yesterday. Some people hold other people …

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Last’s nights Brisbane House Concert

28/03/2014  |  Category: News

Last nights house concert was set in a beautiful setting in Brisbane. It was an old church converted into a beautiful renovated house. They still kept the integrity of the interior leaving the stage and the original floorboards. It was probably the most unique house concert i’ve done given the …

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Buffalo Tales - Amsterdam


Revolver Upstairs, Melbourne, 229 Chapel St, Prahran VIC 3181 (03) 9521 5985


The Art Gallery of NSW, Art after hours Residency.


The Art Gallery of NSW, Art after hours Residency.


The Art Gallery of NSW, Art after hours Residency.


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  • A powerful image I took today, don't know if we'll ever really understand the magnitude of what seems to be an endless war.. All week we've been rehearsing for what's going to be a very powerful show called "rolling thunder Vietnam," about young Australians heading off to war at the age of 19. Our young men 50 or so years ago were given two options, to go and fight, or go to jail for 2 years. This still happens today and some kids are even as young as 10 when they are given a gun to shoot and taught to kill. We have been singing protest songs of the '60's all week and learning about our characters and what they felt when faced with such horrific situations - today a protest happened in the Main Street of Brisbane, (the photo) a few hundred people screaming "free Palestine." The energy of the protest was eerily close to what we have been singing about all week in the show. The sound of desperate pleas for freedom and peace ringing through the tall walls of the CBD. On the street, some people looking on in confusion, other people like me a spectator just looking on in curiosity. Thanks to These  girls who agreed to pose for this photo. A quote from the character of 'Sarah' in rolling thunder, "when will the politicians start to listen?" Is still being asked today. "War, what is it good for?" "Absolutely nothin'"
  • Missing my little man today. He's being such a good man protecting mumma back home, he's even drinking all his broccoli and celery soup! Good boy. #willowswonderland
  • Chongy plays the keys - Will plays his apps. #rollingthundervietnam #rehearsal #vocals
  • Not only a talented bunch but quite lovely as well. #rollingthundervietnam