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My ever-changing craft of songwriting and the spiritual element.

04/04/2014  |  Category: Art Music News Poetry

Most of my music is a nostalgic look back at my life, past relationships and old desires left by the wayside. They are journal entries frozen in time. You are not the same person you were 5 years ago, 2 months ago and even yesterday. Some people hold other people […]

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Last’s nights Brisbane House Concert

28/03/2014  |  Category: News

Last nights house concert was set in a beautiful setting in Brisbane. It was an old church converted into a beautiful renovated house. They still kept the integrity of the interior leaving the stage and the original floorboards. It was probably the most unique house concert i’ve done given the […]

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Buffalo Tales - Amsterdam


Revolver Upstairs, Melbourne, 229 Chapel St, Prahran VIC 3181 (03) 9521 5985


The Art Gallery of NSW, Art after hours Residency.


The Art Gallery of NSW, Art after hours Residency.


The Art Gallery of NSW, Art after hours Residency.


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  • For ten years I've been searching for nick drake vinyl. On the net it's usually overpriced or I just don't trust it. I'm always told it's very rare. Today I walked into a record store in Melbourne and there these two were.. I just had to get them even though I just got rid of my record player, I'm now in the market for a really good record player with a great analog sound to listen to these extraordinary records. Bryter Layter changed my life when I was 16. Nick Drake is in my top 5 songwriters of all time. Every winter there's a mad yearning for his beautiful melodies - I knew I would one day find these vinyls the way I did today, especially in Melbourne. #nickdrake #melbourne #wescarr
  • Broth time! - firstly when trying to find this magical place don't ask a stranger on the street where 'brothl' is - not really a conversation starter, But alas! I found it and I'm looking forward to my chicken broth with fennel, ginger and seasonable Veges. 'Brothl employs some of the most traditional and primitive methods to produce food that should never have been discarded.' Brothl limits organic waste by sourcing the best bones from Melbourne's restaurants and up cycling these nutrients back into the food system. 40-50% of organic waste in Australia can be and should be consumed as nutrient rich foods. #brothl #powertothepeople #paleo #wescarr #melbourne
  • Thankyou @bluedinosaurbars for my supply of #paleo bars to keep me going on the road. So grateful for your support and generosity! Huge love! Wes #paleobars #bluedinosaur
  • My goodbye song- off to Melbourne this morning.. He's gonna join my band sooner than later I think. 21 months and bending notes. #willowswonderland #prouddad #iwanthimtoplaytennisorgolfthoughtheresmoremoneyinit