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My ever-changing craft of songwriting and the spiritual element.

04/04/2014  |  Category: Art Music News Poetry

Most of my music is a nostalgic look back at my life, past relationships and old desires left by the wayside. They are journal entries frozen in time. You are not the same person you were 5 years ago, 2 months ago and even yesterday. Some people hold other people […]

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Lastโ€™s nights Brisbane House Concert

28/03/2014  |  Category: News

Last nights house concert was set in a beautiful setting in Brisbane. It was an old church converted into a beautiful renovated house. They still kept the integrity of the interior leaving the stage and the original floorboards. It was probably the most unique house concert iโ€™ve done given the […]

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Buffalo Tales - Amsterdam


Revolver Upstairs, Melbourne, 229 Chapel St, Prahran VIC 3181 (03) 9521 5985


The Art Gallery of NSW, Art after hours Residency.


The Art Gallery of NSW, Art after hours Residency.


The Art Gallery of NSW, Art after hours Residency.


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  • "There's a garden of you, I find essential" Tricks to Magik - a song by me. ๐Ÿ˜„ #meditation #itsalljustadream #willowswonderland #organicgardening
  • Looking back - (even though Bob Dylan said Don't)  2008. After winning idol  this is from the photo shoot I did for my first major label album 'the way the world looks.' That time Feels like yesterday and SO much has happened since. It Was such an incredible part of my life. Some people think I regret my idol days, there's even been a few news articles suggesting that I said, it 'tainted and ruined my name.' (Slow news day and total crap) I admit that some music industry people told me before I entered idol that it would destroy my career, and those same people all raced to congratulate me after I won so if I believed them I'd still be living on my friends lounge room floor with no direction, and they'd be saying he could've been this or that and I would've followed someone else's opinion of who I am, which is insane. How could I regret something that celebrated my passion and gave me a platform to perform it in front of a millions of people every week on the tele? It also gave me direction in life and a sense of purpose after years of slogging it in pubs where I learnt my stripes as a musician but felt as if I was on a reckless path to nothingness. Sure with those incredible highs comes some incredible lows..But that's what expands you, you can have incredible highs just sitting and watching the world go by to. Personally I got to see and learn insights I  never would have been exposed to otherwise and more importantly it forced me to grow and learn more about myself and this life, Not to mention the wonderful people I met and all the extraordinary places I get to tour across this great land every year. (Landing in Kimberly gorge in a helicopter comes to mind!) Every experience good and bad enriches you, and with the good comes bad, ying and yang, life is duality. If you believe the good stuff - you gotta believe the bad stuff- Sure there was some times where I thought I made some bad choices and still making them as we grow but if you learn to be thankful of the bad as well as the good, you learn acceptance and start to heal. All you have to do is knock on the door follow your own feeling and life will reveal more to you #wescarr
  • He's growing so much and teaching me so much. Bob Dylan once said 'you not busy being born is busy dying.' If you want to unlock some secrets to life then have a kid. Simple.. #willowswonderland
  • Bronte beach train operating since 1947. At blistering speeds  what a fine piece of machinery. The boy absolutely loved it @biancalouu #willowswonderland